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Amanu, formerly called Freycinet or Moller, is an atoll in the southeast of the Tuamotu Archipelago, which belongs to French Polynesia.

Comprised of about ten Motus, oval atoll is located in the Pacific Ocean 900 km east of Tahiti and 15 kilometers north of the atoll Hao, on which a port and an airport are located. Amanu is 29 km long ( north-east - south-west ) and 10 miles wide. Administratively, the atoll belongs to the municipality Hao.

Amanu was officially discovered in 1606 by the Spaniard Pedro Fernández de Quirós. However, you may already scored 1526 Francisco de Hoces with the caravel " San Lesmes " here. He belonged to the Spanish second Molucca expedition Fray Garcia Jofre de Loaisa that was to follow Magellan's route. Of the seven ships, none returned. The " San Lesmes " was after the exit from the Strait of Magellan to be lost.

1929 four old cast-iron cannon barrels were found on one of the motus of Amanu, of which some scientists assume that they belonged to the " San Lesmes " had on the hired a German from Pomerania.

The climate on the Amanu Atoll is tropical; the largest island of 163 (as of 2007) inhabited Polynesians who live mainly from fishing and the coconut plantations on the neighboring small motus.