Amar Prem

  • Sharmila Tagore: Pushpa
  • Rajesh Khanna, Anand Babu
  • Vinod Mehra: adult Nandu Sharma
  • Madan Puri: Nepal Babu
  • Bindu: Mrs. Kamla Sharma / rheas stepmother
  • Sujit Kumar: Sharma / rheas father
  • Om Prakash: Natwarlal / drunken man
  • Abhi Bhattacharya: Dr. Ghosh
  • Leela Mishra: Mausi / brothel owner
  • Asit Sen: Chander
  • Honey Irani: (guest appearance )
  • Farida Jalal: rheas wife (guest appearance )

Amar Prem (Hindi: अमर प्रेम, Urdu: امر پریم, translated: Immortal Love) is a Bollywood classic from 1971 and is based on a novel by the Bengali author Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay. The drama is a remake of the Bengali film Nishi Padma by Arabinda Mukherjee, who wrote the screenplay for both films. At the box office, he was also successful.


Pushpa is a young woman who can give birth to a child but her husband. For him reason enough to throw them out of the house and marry a second wife. In the village is already whispering bad about Pushpa and after a false accusation she is even thrown from her own mother out of the house. A family friend, Babu Nepal, she brings to Calcutta and puts it in a brothel. There it is fast thanks to her beautiful voice to a star and draws the attention of the rich alcoholic Anand Babu up. This Pushpa visited every night since his own wife completely ignored him.

Years later Pushpa has built up a small business in red light districts. In a neighboring house also finally pulls a man from her village, but who will have nothing to do with her. Yet she makes friends with his little son Nandu, who is survived by his stepmother mistreated. However, give him all her love, as if Nandu were her own son. Even rheas medical expenses adopts them as his family is living under poor conditions. Pushpa is even sadder than Nandu continued moves with his family.

The years pass and from Pushpa has become an old woman. Also, the now adult Nandu is back in town and he wishes ardently to see her again Pushpa. After he chances upon Anand, he accompanied him to her. Both are more than happy to meet again and Nandu takes her to himself, to live together with his small family.



Filmfare Award 1973

  • Filmfare Award / Best dialog Ramesh Pant
  • Filmfare Award / Best Screenplay at Arabinda Mukherjee
  • Filmfare Award / Best Sound at Jehangir Nowrojee


  • Filmfare Award / Best Actor at Rajesh Khanna
  • Filmfare Award / Best Playback Singer to Kishore Kumar Chingari Koi for Bhadke
  • Filmfare Award / Best lyrics Anand Bakshi at Chingari Koi for Bhadke


The plot itself is relatively thin and, dare I say it, a bit predictable - but it is the constellations and their change over the generations that will advance the film and give the intimate work something epic. Even on small socially critical peaks are not lacking. Like when the oh-so- pious village culture as a hotbed of intrigue is shown, while the supposedly sinful Pushpa pray and do only good. (...)

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