Amarantine (album)


  • Song: Enya
  • Instruments: Enya

Amarantine is the sixth studio album by Enya. It was released in November 2005. 2006 appeared the Amarantine Special Christmas Edition, which includes a second CD with four other titles.


The word " Amarantine " means " imperishable ", but is used primarily as " amaranth " or " amaranthus " written in English. " Amarantine " is not included in English dictionaries. Enya could be this inspiring " amarantos " from the Greek word. Amaranth is a plant genus that grows almost everywhere due to their undemanding nature and is interpreted in the poetic sense, as a symbol of immortality.

The artist himself expressed this as follows:

"We have the album Amarantine called because of the title expresses immortality. Many poets use this word to describe an everlasting flower and I love this idea. We have spent two years working on this album, and it's an exciting moment for me when at the end all comes to flower and humans can hear, what we have done in this time. "

The songs Less than a Pearl, The River Sings and Water Shows the Hidden Heart are sung in the invented by Roma Ryan Language " Loxian ". The booklet contains the text in loxianischen - and accordingly unreadable - characters as well as the English translation. The song Sumiregusa (Wild Violet ) is sung in Japanese. The text is in Latin written transcription and a translation into English in the booklet.


The songs Amarantine and It's in the Rain was released as a single. The second CD of the Christmas issue published in 2006, contains four previously unreleased Christmas songs.

Success and reception

2007 won Enya Amarantine with a Grammy Award for " the best New Age Album". The album sold very well worldwide. In Germany it reached # 3 on the album charts and stayed a total of 30 weeks in the Top 100, while him twice succeeded in re-entry. In Germany, it also became triple gold status ( over 300,000 copies sold). Despite these successes, critics complained about the lack of imagination of Enya's albums concepts that took place again and again according to the same pattern.

Title list

Bonus CD (Special Christmas Edition )