Amateur Press Association

An Amateur Press Association, or APA is an association of authors and artists, more or less regularly publish each on its own produced Egozines mentioned in a Apazine collective work. The individual contributions up to a specified date at an Ordinary editor (English: Official Editor, Central Mailer or Distribution Manager ) submitted that binds to a single issue and this is then re-distributed to the participants. The whereabouts of the participants in the APA is often dependent on a minimum number of submitted pages. This Minacs (of English. Minimal activity ) usually applies per issue of Apazines or year.

APAs are often described as a forerunner of the Internet forums. In fact, many APAs fulfill the function of discussion forums and were up to the emergence of the Internet a very effective method to exchange information in national groups. Similar to Internet forums, there have been APAs on various topics.

The first APAs were probably formed in the last third of the 19th century, which, however, no longer possible to define. As the oldest known APA, founded by Evan Reed Riale and nine colleagues in Philadelphia on February 19, 1876 National Amateur Press Association ( NAPA ) is considered. Had their heyday in the APAs between 1960 and 1990. Thereafter, their number went through the competition with the Internet forums steadily.

A long-lasting, German -speaking APA is the Futurian Amateur News (FAN ), an APA with emphasis on the discussion of the topic Science fiction, which has been active intermittently since the 1960s. The Apanauten mentioned Participate already included several (now ) well-known German authors such as Hans Joachim Alpers.