Amateurliga Saarland

The Honorary League Saarland was from 1948 to 1951, the highest football class in the independent after the Second World War Saarland. The league was organized by the Saarland Football Association.

Until the season 1947/48 the best Saarland clubs had played in the Oberliga West and were classified into the new Honor League 1948. The strongest Saarland club 1.FC Saarbrücken occurred only with his second team in the league honor. The first team played instead out of competition in the French Division 2 or to the International Saarland Cup.

For the season 1951/52, the Saarland was reintegrated into the German league system. The Honorary League was continued as an amateur league Saarland under the Oberliga West, the first FC Saarbrücken and Borussia Neunkirchen the Oberliga West has been assigned.

Master of honor League Saarland

Final tables of honor League Saarland