Ambite is a small municipality in the eastern part of the autonomous community of Madrid at the Rio Tajuña.

In the village lived on 1 January 2013 the Instituto Nacional de Estadística INE According to reported 586 inhabitants in an area of 26 km ². This corresponds to 23 inhabitants per km ². The official language is Castilian. The inhabitants are called ambiteño / ambiteña.


The first settlers of Ambite the river Rio Tajuña date from the Bronze Age, numerous archaeological finds from the time of the Celtiberian occupy the first settlements. The Celtiberian tribes came from the central and northern Spain and Portugal.

Archaeological excavations brought forth mainly metallic objects, such as horse trappings and weapons. The swords found to have been the model for the Roman Gladius.

In Ambite the Dating back to the 17th century Palacio del Marqués de Legarda is. The Palacio was built by Alonso de Cárdenas y Terante, which was during the reign of King Philip III of Spanish Ambassador in the Kingdom of Naples.


Ambite is located 62 kilometers south-west of the Spanish capital, Madrid, and on the border with the province of Guadalajara. In the north, bordering the municipalities Olmeda de las Fuentes and Pezuela de las Torres, in the south Orusco de Tajuña, in the west of Villar del Olmo and the east Manchego de Mondejar on.

Transport links to major highways and country roads are the A-3 and R-3 to Madrid as well as the A-2 Valencia - Barcelona. There are bus connections with the Argabus from Plaza Conde Casal and the Hotel Claridge with lines 326-322 Ambite - Driebes - Madrid.


Due to its location at 682 meters above sea level and continental climate, summers are hot and dry in Ambite, the winter but much colder than in the cities on the Mediterranean coast of Spain.


  • Iglesia Nuestra Señora de la Asunción, Baroque church (1834 )
  • Palacio Marquis Legarda
  • Monumento a los Ojos, three arches of Federico Díaz
  • La Encina, one of the largest oaks in Spain