Ambitle is the largest and southernmost island in the Feni Islands ( Tabar Islands) in the Pacific Ocean, north of New Ireland in the Bismarck Archipelago, the, New Ireland province belonging to Papua New Guinea. It is part of the Tabar - Lihir - Tanga - Feni island chain.

Ambitle is separated by only 100 m wide salad road of the island Babase. The 87 km ² island is rugged, rocky and densely wooded.

On the island, the 450 -meter high Ambitle, a Plio - Pleistocene stratovolcano located 3 km with a large central caldera and different Lavadomen. During the last major outbreak of Ambitle 2300 years ago was formed east of the Dome a maar. On the west side of the caldera near the central Lavadomes there are strong volcanic activity with hot and boiling springs, mud pots and solfataras.

Hydrothermal vents in the shallow waters of coral reefs at the Tutum Bay in the west of the island have high concentrations of arsenic -free and therefore refer to gold deposits.

On Ambitle 2006 by the New Guinea Gold Corporation and Vangold Resources Ltd. carried out test drilling and mapping, as on the island of a gold deposit is believed could have the similar large gold resources such as the deposit Ladolam on the neighboring island Niolam, Lihir Islands.

Pictures of Ambitle