Ambrosius Petruzzy

Petruzzy Ambrose († 1652 Kaisersteinbruch ) was an Italian stonemason and sculptor of the Baroque.

He was the older brother of the master stonemason Domenicus Petruzzy, they both worked in Kaiserstein Brucher stonemasonry.


Master Francesco Maderno and wife Mary sold in December 1640 Master Ambrose and Lucia Petruzzy her house with a garden. Petruzzy was for some time a member of the Steinmetz Brotherhood, because in the same year 1640, he served as the chief of the district, charging the stonemason and master builder in the imperial quarry.

In the 1640s, the Vienna Bauhütte vigorously demanded by the emperor stone Brucher masters, to separate from Wiener Neustadt craft and turn to Vienna, otherwise they would get great difficulties in their Viennese orders. In a letter to the Viennese master stonemason to Abbot Michael Schnabel from Stift Heiligenkreuz as authorities in March 1641 it is stated ... the Heiligenkreuzer subject Ambrose Petruzzy, distributed by the Klosterneuburg, now also erected a factory before the Carinthian Gate ...

Master in Kaisersteinbruch and in Vienna

Subsequent masters were also members of the Vienna Bauhütte and the emperor stone Brucher Brotherhood. In the directory of November 1644, the fees for Viennese master stone mason, as well as journeyman for the collection of the New Kayser Lichen liberties set, a masterpiece 45 cruiser, a journeyman 15 Kreuzer. It follows:

  • Pietro Maino Maderno hunted for himself and four companions - 1 Gulden 45 Kreuzer
  • Jerome Bregno shot for himself and a journeyman - 1 Gulden
  • Anthony Purisol imposes on the 31 July for himself and two companions - 1 Gulden 15 Kreuzer
  • Hans Herstorffer imposes on the 31 July for him and his three companions - 1 Gulden 30 Kreuzer
  • Peter Concorz hunted for him and his seven companions - 2 Gulden 30 Kreuzer
  • Ambrose Petruzzy killed September 5 for himself and two companions - 1 Gulden 15 Kreuzer

Quarry lease

In March 1643 Petruzzy wrote in a petition to the abbot, ... the Lord managers in the royal court 20 guilders per year interest because of my small quarry desires, ... other subjects, which have much larger quarries, give no more than 2 Gulden 30 Kreuzer .... the abbot decided that he had a year 15 Reichstaler or a nice door frame to reach ( which corresponds to the half).

Order of St. Michael's Church in Vienna

The Vienna Bauhütte decided in May 1644 of the dispute between the Masters and Anthony Ambrose Petruzzy Purisol, both of Kaisersteinbruch that Master Petruzzy should remain alone the stonemason hut St. Michael. Two cottages two masters will henceforth no champion admitted, even in a cabin approved.

In the Pietà chapel can be found under the directory and expenses for our women your Capelle:

The Vienna Bauhütte verlautbarte in October 1644 Stonemasons Provino Giacomo (Jacopo provinces ) of Spital am Pyhrn asks his son Andreas provinces to send the next three years with master stonemason Ambrose Petruzzy, citizens in Vienna, in the doctrine. He had previously learned and a half years for himself, but because he body of weakness sake of the deadly departure secure.

1652 Ambrose Petruzzy died, he left behind debts. So the quarry came to his brother Domenicus Petruzzy, who paid the debt.