AMC Eagle

AMC Eagle SX / 4 (1981-1983)

The AMC Eagle is a crossover vehicle of the American Motors Corporation and was produced from August 1979 to December 1987. Last year, station wagons were built exclusively under the brand name Eagle.

The AMC Eagle is a mix of off-road vehicles and road vehicle. As a so -called crossover vehicle it should be classified in the category of SUV ( according to current use in the German language ). The body is that of a normal road vehicle, but is supplemented by a high -laid chassis and all-wheel drive. The already known from Jeep models of the 1970s " Quadra Trac " drive concept automatically transfers power between the front and rear axle, transfer case.

It was built by the end of 1980 at the American Motors plant in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Beginning of 1981, production was moved to Brampton in Canada.


The AMC Eagle was offered in the following bodystyles:

  • Four-door notchback sedan (1979-1986)
  • Five-door station wagon (1979-1987)
  • Two-door coupe with a notchback (1979-1983)
  • Three-door coupe with a hatchback (SX / 4; 1981-1983)
  • Three-door coupe with a hatchback ( Kammback; 1981-1982 )

The three-door hatchback coupe and flow based on the 1978 featured AMC Spirit, the successor to the AMC Gremlin, the larger sedan models and the combination on the AMC Concord, who had about the same time replaced the 1969 AMC Hornet introduced.

1981 were manufactured by the company under the name Griffith Eagle Sundancer some copies of a convertible.

The vehicles were 4674 mm long, 1803 mm wide and 1400 mm high with a wheelbase of 2775 mm. The SX / 4 was much shorter. Here were the dimensions 2470 mm wheelbase, 4181 mm length, 1854 mm width and 1397 mm height.

From Eagle in all variants emerged total 191 709 copies, which were almost all equipped with the 4.2- liter six-cylinder.

AMC Eagle Wagon (1979-1987)

AMC Eagle Kammback (1981-1982)

AMC Eagle Sundancer (1981 )


At its launch in 1979, the AMC Eagle was equipped with permanent all-wheel drive. In 1982 this was replaced by a selectable four-wheel drive. This conversion is referred to as the "select- drive" device.


The AMC Eagle was available in two engine variants. These included the Pontiac produced by 2.5 - liter four-cylinder and 4.2- liter six-cylinder AMC.

Performance and fuel consumption

The data of the AMC Eagle SX / 4:

The performance of the sedan and station wagon were due to the higher weight, accordingly lower.