AMC Javelin

The AMC Javelin was a until the summer of 1974 produced by the summer of 1967 sports coupe of the U.S. carmaker AMC. He belonged to the class of so-called pony cars and thus competed mainly with the Ford Mustang and the Chevrolet Camaro. The name means Javelin Javelin.

On the shortened platform of the Javelin AMC AMX two-seater based of which has been manufactured from early 1968 until the end of 1970.


Model series

Javelin (1967-1970)

In August 1967 AMC introduced the Javelin, which fell on a prototype from 1966.

Several engines were available for the Javelin on offer, from a 3.8 -liter straight-six to three V8 engines, at the top of a 5.6 -liter V8 with four -barrel carburetor, available in so-called Go package with front disc brakes, dual exhaust and wide tires. For customers who placed more emphasis on comfort, the Javelin SST was in the program.

In model year 1969, the AMX 390 engine ( 6.4 liters ) in the Javelin was available. A Big bathroom package offered flashy paint colors (blue, orange, light green) and an unusual roof spoiler.

From December 1968 to July 1970, the company hired Karmann at its plant in Rheine 280 Javelin from CKD kits ago that came from the USA. This Javelin 79 -K version mentioned there was only with the 5.6 - liter engine.

Javelin (1970-1974)

In the fall of 1970, the Javelin was given a new body designed at the various details with regard to racing and in the Trans- Am series were about the integrated roof spoiler. However, the pronounced bulges over the front wheel arches met almost always rejected.

The range of engines ranged from 3.8 L inline-six to the powerful 6.6 -liter V8 with four -barrel carburetor (401 ), which speeds up to 8000 rpm adjourned with forged crankshaft and connecting rods just such and was introduced in 1971.

The optionally available Pierre Cardin interior had seat covers from a silky but durable fabric and a stripe pattern that extended vertically above the door panels and across the headliner.

After setting the AMX towards the end of 1970 was the designation for the sporty version of the Javelin. The Javelin AMX benefited from the experience on the track - he won from 1971 to 1973 the Trans Am racing series. Characteristics of civil AMX were a stainless steel mesh grille, a fiberglass hood with scoop and wider front and rear spoilers.

The production of the Javelin ended in the summer of 1974 due to declining buyer interest. Unlike other pony cars of the Javelin but was available until the end even with the largest displacement engines.


The AMC Javelin has the following dimensions:

  • Length: 4872 mm
  • Width: 1910 mm
  • Wheelbase: 2794 mm

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In 1969 Germany mounted to the body specialist Karmann from the U.S. parts supplied to complete Javelins. Only 281 cars were built.

In Australia there was such a CKD production of the Javelin; where the company Australian Motor Industries mounted the Javelin both generations. The necessary right-hand drive dashboard was produced locally.

The police drove from Alabama 1971/72 Javelins with the 6.6 -liter V8 as the patrol car.

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