AMC Rebel

AMC Rebel Station Wagon (1968 )

The AMC Rebel ( in 1967 still Rambler Rebel ) was a midsize car, the American Motors Corporation produced from early 1967 until the end of 1970. It replaced the Rambler Classic. In model year 1971 his successor, the AMC Matador was presented. In Europe they had marketed the Rebel as its predecessor in badge engineering under dual brand names as Rambler Renault. It was the last model in which the double name was used.


The term Rebel led AMC in 1957 for a special model with a V8 engine: the Rambler Rebel, the first factory -made American Muscle Car. 1966 appeared the name again for a two-door hardtop specially equipped version of the Rambler Classic with a modified roof line on. In 1967, the total average range of AMC the name Rebel.

During his entire life cycle of the Rebel as a four-door sedan, five-door station wagon and two-door hardtop was available. In addition, there was only a two-door coupe with 1967 also slimmer B-pillar and trained as a tailgate rear window, and in the years 1967 and 1968 a convertible. As a six-cylinder engine with 3.8 liter displacement and 145-155 hp ( 106-114 kW ) and V8 engines were with 4.75 liter capacity ( 147-165 kW/200-225 hp), 5.6 liter displacement ( 235-280 PS/173-206 kW ) and 6.4 -liter displacement ( 232-239 kW/315-325 hp). The styling corresponded to the larger Ambassador, with whom he shared the building behind half of the bulkhead. 1970 sedan and coupe received a modified rear section consisting of a new C -pillar and new rear fenders. The Rebel was fitted with AMC (along with the Ambassador ) on the "West Assembly Line " in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and in Brampton, Ontario, Canada ( Bramelea ).

The facelift in 1970 was the last, only a year before the release of the model by the AMC Matador. The bottom group of the 4 -door and station wagons remained until the cessation of Matador 1978.

Regional station wagon

In the 1967 model year AMC brought out a series specially equipped Rebel station wagons. Each of these models had its own design of the sides of the vehicle:

  • The Mariner (600 piece) got a gray washboard pattern and was sold in the coastal regions of the United States.
  • The Briarwood (400 piece) received a Palisanderholzimitatmuster and was distributed in the eastern and southern United States.
  • The Westerner (500 piece) received a faux wood plank pattern and was west of the Mississippi offered.

Sport versions ( Rebel The Machine )

The most famous muscle car version of the Rebel was called The Machine and was in his patriotic shape painted white with a wide red-white- blue, reflective strips, according to the SC / Rambler of 1969.

AMC's high-performance cars of the drag race was officially on October 25, 1969 in Dallas, Texas, at the venue of the finals - World Championship of the National Hot Rod Association presented. The Machine had a 6.4 -liter V8 engine with 250 kW (340 hp ), the most powerful that has ever been installed in a AMC. He had to go and a huge air scoop on the bonnet, in "Electric Blue" ( color code B6) was painted and on the back, the driver, a large speedometer had.

The heavy duty suspension was in the back of the station wagon equipped with the springs, which gave the car a situated appearance. Standard equipment included a Borg Warner T10 automatic transmission with Hurst shifter and a rear axle ratio of 3,54:1 or 3.9:1, disc brakes, wide Goodyear tires, type E60X15, with white lettering on 15 " steel wheels and bucket seats with center armrest, which were covered with red-white- blue striped vinyl. many improvements were common to make every the Machine a potent drag Racer. the list price of the vehicle was 3475 USD.

After the first 1,000 copies were The Machine without stripes and other colors with black hood. The rarest color combination is "Frost White" with a matt black bonnet (Color Code 72A -8A ), with only three vehicles were produced. The original color combination was then used special equipment with 75 USD charge.

From AMC Rebel The Machine only a limited number of copies was built in 2236 and only in 1970.


Also of interest is the Cabriolet from 1968, the last open car (apart from the Renault Alliance once) manufactured by AMC. This vehicle is one of the rarest AMC models, as only 823 pieces were made. Today there are no more 100 pieces.