Amerdingen is a municipality in the Swabian district of Donau-Ries and Ries member of the administrative community based in Nördlingen.

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Amerdingen is part of the planning region of Augsburg, located on the boiler.

The municipality is divided into the two districts Amerdingen and Bollstadt. To Amerdingen belong nor the deserts Seelbronn and Sternbach. In the south, it borders on the district of Dillingen.

Geologically, the area belongs to Riesalb, the easternmost, only more foothills of the Swabian Alb.


Amerdingen was before 1806 the seat of government of the same name and was one of the Barons von Stauffenberg. The Stauffenberger collected by Ludwig II of Bavaria in the 19th century the title of count are still the largest landowner in Amerdingen while inhabitants of the castle in the village. All living Give von Stauffenberg come from the so-called " Amerdinger line." They are descendants of the gift-giving Hans von Stauffenberg, who acquired the manor Amerdingen 1566 by marriage to Barbara of Westernach.

Among the descendants of the first Amerdinger Stauffenberg, Hans von Stauffenberg, one also Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg, who has dared the unsuccessful assassination attempt on Adolf Hitler on July 20, 1944, and paid with their lives.

Amerdingen lay between the Duchy of Pfalz- Neuburg and the County of Oettingen, the sovereign rights over Amerdingen occupied. With the entry into force of the Act of Confederation, in 1806 the city fell to the Kingdom of Bavaria.


On 1 May 1978, until then independent municipality Boll city was incorporated.

Population Development


Mayor Hermann Schmidt ( village community ).

The municipal tax revenue in 1999 amounted to the equivalent of € 332,000, of which € 35,000 ( net) trade tax revenue.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Alfred Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (1860-1936) Marshal of the Court of King William II of Württemberg

Culture and sights


  • Catholic Parish Church of St. Vitus
  • Amerdingen Castle of the Counts von Stauffenberg from the 18th century
  • Telecommunications tower Bollstadt


Economy and infrastructure

Economy, agriculture and forestry

In 1998 there were in the field of agriculture and forestry, no, in the manufacturing sector and 40 in the area of ​​trade and transport any social insurance contributions at the workplace. Social insurance contributions at residence, there were a total of 290 in the manufacturing sector, there were none, in the construction of three plants. In addition, in 1999, there were 35 farms with an agricultural area of 427 ha, of which 296 were hectares of arable land.


2011, there were the following facilities:

  • Kindergarten with 60 seats and 64 children in care, including 11 under three years
  • Primary school with four teachers and 81 students