American Airlines Center

  • Dallas Stars (NHL since 2001)
  • Dallas Mavericks (NBA since 2001)
  • Dallas Desperados (AFL, 2002, 2004-2008)
  • Dallas Vigilantes (AFL since 2010)

The American Airlines Center is located in Dallas, Texas. It is as a concert and sporting venue, used the home to the following teams:

In 1998, the Dallas Mavericks and the Dallas Stars decided that the somewhat dated Reunion Arena was no longer timely and a modern multifunctional hall had to be built. In March 1999, American Airlines announced that they have acquired the naming rights of the hall (she is also named after the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Florida). On 27 July 2001, the hall was finally opened.

Since its opening, the hall has been modernized and renewed several times. The most striking change was the installation of a new LED video cube in the arena.

From some fans it is because of their design and the fact that an airline has the naming rights, "Hangar " called or even just AAC.

In basketball games in the hall have 20,473 spectators at hockey games 18,532 spectators.


The American Airlines Center in a game of the Dallas Stars

Interior in a game of the Dallas Mavericks

Aerial view