American Airlines Flight 587

Crash site of American Airlines flight 587

American Airlines Flight 587 was a scheduled flight of American Airlines from John F. Kennedy International Airport to Santo Domingo. On 12 November 2001 crashed on this route, an Airbus A300 in the suburbs of New York City's Queens.


The Airbus A300- 605R was used the production number MSN420 and the flag N14053 and was resubmitted on July 12, 1988 American Airlines, which had operated since it continuously.

Circumstances of the accident

The Airbus A300 flew through shortly after takeoff from New York City borough of Queens on the vortices that were generated from a previously launched Boeing 747. The co-pilot who was flying the aircraft at the time, responded to the turmoil with a series of powerful full deflection of the rudder in both directions. The operating limits of the aircraft were exceeded, whereupon the rudder and later the engines broke off. The aircraft was uncontrollable and crashed into a residential area.

In the accident all 260 occupants of the aircraft and five people died on the ground.


The accident report called deficiencies in training as a major cause of the misbehavior of the copilot. Thus it was found that according to many pilots all rowing movements are permitted below the maneuvering speed. But this is not the case - only a single rudder may turn out to the maximum, and not even in alternating directions.