American Chemical Society

The American Chemical Society, headquartered in Washington, DC is a scientific society founded in 1876 in the USA, which promotes research in the field of chemistry.

ACS has over 158 000 members. Official meetings to the entire field of chemistry are held twice a year, to many smaller conferences on special topics.

The ACS is also carrier of the U.S. Chemistry Olympiad, their Department of Education also are standardized multiple-choice tests for various areas of chemistry out.

The ACS and its specialized sections awarded numerous academic awards, including the Eli Lilly Award in Biological Chemistry, the Ernest Guenther Award that. Willard Gibbs Medal, the American Chemical Society Award in Pure Chemistry and the Pfizer Award in Enzyme Chemistry As the highest award of the ACS applies the Priestley Medal.

In recent years are increasing in Europe critics who call attention to the sharp increase in costs for the consortium agreements of big publishing companies with the universities. The ACS, although officially a "non-profit " organization, here represents no exception and is a driving force of the serials crisis. The multi-year contracts usually contain high, profit- oriented, price increases that are forcing many universities to terminate contracts with other publishers. A parliamentary committee of the "House of Commons " shall have complained in 2004 and inspired changes.

Also, the annual salary of the Directorate (well over 800,000 U.S. dollars per year ) has made in the last years for discussion.