American Chopper

Paul Teutul, Sr., Paul Teutul, Jr., Michael Teutul

American Chopper is an American reality television series that aired from 2003 to 2007 on the Discovery Channel and then on TLC. It is sent in Germany on DMAX and the transmitters on the pay - TV channel Discovery Channel Germany. In German-speaking countries a backed with voice -over- speakers version is broadcast. Producer 's Pilgrim Films & Television. The main characters are companies owner of Orange County Choppers Paul Teutul, Sr., his son Paul Teutul, Jr. (also Paulie or simply Junior) and other staff. Documents the motorcycle production, in particular custom chopper. Location is Newburgh, New York.

  • 5.1 American Chopper (PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC)
  • 5.2 American Chopper 2 - Full Throttle (PlayStation 2, Xbox )
  • 5.3 Monopoly American Chopper Edition


The frame story is the construction of choppers according to the wishes of the customers. Furthermore, the numerous and sometimes violent clashes between Paul Teutul Sr. and Paul Teutul Jr. are a feature of the series. Common triggers are Paul Seniors criticism of the work setting of Paul Jr., new design variants or workflows. Seniors Paul is especially interested in old-school bikes, while Paul Jr. rather critical views on this style and modern, fancy designs underestimated. Whether these confrontations were at least in part, exaggerated or staged for the TV series, is not occupied. Meanwhile, both go their separate ways, as Paul Junior has founded his own company.


The actual series launch was on 31 March 2003 on the transmitter Discovery Channel. 2002, a pilot episode was produced and broadcast on 29 September 2002. In December 2007 the series moved to sister channel TLC.. . The first TLC season premiered in January 2008 Season 6 began in April 2009 after the series was completed in February 2010, TLC announced in early April 2010 that a 7th Season called American Chopper: Senior vs. Junior is produced. Discovery Channel has discontinued the series after 10 years and 233 episodes. The last episode was broadcast on 17 December, 2012.


Paul Teutul Sr.

Paul John Teutul ( born May 1, 1949) (nicknamed (The) Senior) is the founder of OCC and beyond the steel company Orange County Ironworks. After he was involved in the early years actively involved in the production vehicle at OCC, he has been dedicated to increasing the management of the company and works only occasionally even on the motorcycles. Optical trademarks are his mustache and his many tattoos.

Paul Teutul Jr.

Paul Michael Teutul ( born October 2, 1974) (nicknamed Paulie ) is a shareholder of OCC. After high school graduation Teutul Jr. moved directly into his father's company, where he was first Director of the Sales Department. He led the design and manufacture of almost all themed bikes that were accompanied in American Chopper. The beginning of 2009 he came with his father in a heated argument about his work ethic. Since then Teutul Jr. worked no longer active on the bikes, but has worked as a consultant for major projects of the company. Meanwhile, he has completely left OCC with his brother Michael, and with him founded under the name of Paul Jr. Designs own business. In the first episode of the seventh season of " American Chopper ", it was announced that Teutul Jr. now wants to build motorcycles. The acquired for commercial property is not far from the old OCC shop. Teutul Jr. was Vincent DiMartino and Joseph Puliafico, two former OCC employees, recruit for the new project. Meanwhile, Paulie has sold his shares in the company of his father. He has received, among others and the Black Widow bike back.

Michael Teutul

Michael Joseph Teutul (born 26 November 1978) (nicknamed Mikey ) is the youngest son of Paul Teutul Sr. He was employed as an assistant at OCC, he also supported the webmaster of the OCC homepage. In the television series, he is shown as a " joker " within OCC, which calls attention to itself with strange ideas or competitions among employees. He was also active at promotional events of the company. His skills as a mechanic standing behind those of other staff. Nevertheless, he has created the "Blues Bike" own chopper. He parted now also in dispute by his father, devoted to his art and now has gone into the new company of his brother. He is now but all got out of the series.

Vincent DiMartino

Vincent " Vinnie " DiMartino ( born October 9, 1972) was OCC mechanic and Paul Teutul years Jr. 's partner in the production of themed bikes. He left the company in late August 2007, together with Cody Connelly and founded his own custom bike company called V-Force Customs. In 2010 he began working for Paul Jr. Designs.

Rick Petko

Rick Petko ( born September 11, 1968) is working as a mechanic at OCC. He can be seen in the construction of motorcycles since the first season American Chopper. It is also responsible for the production of the tank.

Jason Pohl

Jason Gabrial Pohl ( born July 1, 1981) works as a designer. After he was at first mainly responsible for the design of individual parts such as wheels or tanks, grew with the years its remit. He is increasingly responsible for the complete design of the OCC motorcycles.

More known by name staff

  • Michael " Mike" Ammirati ( born December 25, 1958), Store Supervisor, Mechanic
  • Ralph Estrada Jr. ( born August 21, 1978), painter
  • Nick Hansford ( born May 16, 1978), Mechanics
  • Christian Welter (born 9 September 1978), Mechanics
  • Steve Moreau ( born May 15, 1970), Managing
  • Jim Quinn ( born June 12, 1966), engineering
  • Ron Salsbury ( born June 11, 1972), production manager
  • Earle Herman Smith III ( born April 26, 1975), warehouseman
  • Ty Kropp (born 31 August 1987), Machine Worker
  • Mike Burkhouse ( born August 20, 1960), sellers
  • Jody Flannery ( born August 17, 1969), logistics
  • John Sohigian ( born August 1, 1960), marketing
  • Eric England ( born August 6 1975), Webmaster
  • Kate Cleary, accountant
  • Michele Kaplan, Public Relations
  • Walter Kozlowski ( born November 3, 1953), the controller
  • Willy Eckert (born 3 February 1983), Mechanics
  • John Randazzo
  • Sven Bastubbe ( born November 14, 1972), delivery and transfer
  • Jeff Clegg ( won the OCC Fantasy Bike " Corporal Punishment" )

Former Employees

  • Cody Connelly ( born August 30, 1986), mechanic, apprentice before
  • Mike Campo, mechanics ( to 2005)
  • Keith Quill, Managing Director
  • Craig Chapman, mechanic
  • Whitney McGuire, Merchandising ( former girlfriend of Paul Teutul Jr.)
  • Lee Stamper
  • Joseph S. Puliafico, managing director of the OCC shop, now with Paul Jr. Designs

Motorcycle models to series

  • Scale 1:10:

Jet Bike, Black Widow, Fire Bike, Old School Chopper, Commanche, Old School Chopper (Cody project ), Mikey 's Bike, Bike Tool, Santa Claus Bike, POW / MIA Bike, Miller Electric, Dixie Chopper, Caterpillar Bike, LUCY ` S Bike, Napa Bike, The Reel Deal chopper

  • 1:6 scale:

Jet Bike, Fire Bike

Games for Series

American Chopper (PlayStation 2, Xbox, PC)

In October 2005, the first video game was released for the TV series. In American Chopper, the player enters into the world of the series, he is given the opportunity to ride the famous bikes themselves or to make completely new. In addition to its many different games such as Reckless Driving, Point-to- Point, Moto Ball, Drag Racing, the player can compete against Paul Sr. and Paul Jr. in a competition.

American Chopper 2 - Full Throttle (PlayStation 2, Xbox )

In contrast to American Chopper, players take on the second part, which was released in August 2007, in the role of one of the three main characters of the TV series.

Monopoly American Chopper Edition

Monopoly in American Chopper theme including the protagonists of the series -inspired game pieces.


In the music video rock star of Canadian band Nickelback Paul Teutul Sr., Paul Teutul Jr. and Michael Teutul can be seen in three cuttings. In addition, Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. are with their motorcycles briefly in the film Born to be Wild - saumäßig to see along the way, among others, John Travolta, Tim Allen and Martin Lawrence. Moreover, they have in the 3.Staffel the series My Name is Earl made ​​an appearance, for this series, they have also built a bike.