American Committee on United Europe

The American Committee for a United Europe ( ACUE ) was founded in 1948, a U.S. organization for the promotion of a "free and united Europe ". It also promoted the block formation in Western Europe with the goal of European integration against the Soviet bloc.

Managing Director was occurring as a civil lawyer former intelligence chief of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS ), William Joseph Donovan, his deputy CIA Director Allen Welsh Dulles. It was funded by the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation and by government-related enterprise groups. End of the 1950s was the former OSS officer and managing director of Ford Foundation, Paul Hoffman, also head of the ACUE. On the advisory board of the first CIA director Walter Bedell Smith was involved later.


On April 23, 1948 took place at the New York University Faculty Club, a first meeting with the goal of creating a special committee to support a "free and united Europe " instead. It had been summoned by Richard Nikolaus Graf Coudenhove -Kalergi. As president, one of the authors acted a resolution of the U.S. Congress on the principles of a European federation, James William Fulbright. The U.S. ambassador to the Soviet Union 1933-36, William C. Bullitt, acted as Vice President of the continuous meeting.

From the meeting, the support for the European Conference on Federation, which first took place on 7 May 1948, chaired by Winston Churchill in The Hague and was attended by members of parliament of the 16 recipients of the Marshall Plan began. Man working on a draft for a Constitution of the United States of Europe and founded the Euro Europe.


The ACUE was until the 1960s a major funder of the European Movement (50 %) of the Union of European Federalists ( UEF) and especially its European Youth Campaign ( 100%). This influence on the leaders of the " European Movement " Robert Schuman, Paul -Henri Spaak and Joseph Retinger could be taken. As Retinger tried to increase the share of European equity capital - perhaps of American directives to become more independent - he met with it on the American side resistance. A document signed by Donovan Memorandum dated July 26, 1950 contains instructions for a campaign to establish a European Parliament. The ACUE forced the integration of the United Kingdom to the EEC.

A note of European ACUE section from June 11, 1965 for the Vice- President of the EEC, Robert Marjolin, aimed, the monetary union obscured advance. It recommended the suppression of debate to the point where the " adoption of such proposals would virtually inevitable."

Founding members and boards

List of founding members and boards:

  • James William Fulbright, attorney
  • William C. Bullitt, diplomat
  • Herbert C. Hoover, former U.S. President
  • Hale Boggs, journalist, lawyer, member of
  • Clare Boothe Luce, Conservative MP
  • James Farley, election officials Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Robert Moses, secretary of the former War Minister Robert Porter Patterson
  • Alice Roosevelt Longworth, daughter of former U.S. President Theodore Roosevelt
  • Harry D. Gideonse, an economist and member of the Mont Pelerin Society
  • Norman Thomas, politicians, former chairman of the America First Committee
  • Burton K. Wheeler, politician, co-founder of the America First Committee
  • Harry Woodburn Chase, president of the New York University
  • William Joseph Donovan, head of the Office of Strategic Services
  • Christian Herter, Republican congressman
  • Robert Ignatius Gannon, Jesuit and president of Fordham University
  • Robert L. LaFollette
  • Allen Welsh Dulles, lawyer, representative of European OSS, later CIA director
  • John W. Davis, lawyer and politician
  • George N. Schuster
  • Clayton Fritchey, Journalist