American Finance Association

The American Finance Association ( AFA ) is a scientific society that is committed to the study and promotion of scientific knowledge financial prescribed. The current president of the AFA is Sheridan Titman.


The American Finance Association was planned at a meeting in December 1939 in Philadelphia. The first journal of the American Finance Association American Finance was named and published in 1942. The magazine was renamed in August 1946 in The Journal of Finance and henceforth appeared in periodical editions. Nowadays, the AFA has over 8000 members.

President of the AFA

List of Presidents of the American Finance Association


The goal of the American Finance Association is to:

  • To promote the union of persons with an interest in finance,
  • To improve public understanding of public finance problems,
  • Promoting the exchange of scientific ideas financially by the distribution of periodicals and other media,
  • The encouragement to study finance at colleges and universities,
  • The implementation of other activities and it is appropriate for a professional non-profit organization in the field of finance.

Annual Meeting

An annual meeting of the American Finance Association will be held in January each year, in conjunction with the American Economic Association and the North American Winter Meeting of the Econometric Society as part of the Allied Social Sciences Association. Here, the president of the AFA talks about a chosen topic and there are various financial research contributions presented. The AFA and the Western Finance Association meetings are regarded as two of the most important general finance scientific conferences around the world.

At the last annual meeting were:

  • 2012: Chicago, Illinois
  • 2011: Denver, Colorado
  • 2010: Atlanta, Georgia
  • 2009: San Francisco, California,
  • 2008: New Orleans, Louisiana
  • 2007: Chicago, Illinois
  • 2006: Boston, Massachusetts

Prizes and awards

The American Finance Association will award the following prizes and awards:

Fischer Black Prize

See also Fischer Black Prize

Every two years the AFA at their annual meeting the Fischer Black Prize, named after the economist Fischer Black, in recognition of an outstanding young academic whose original research has made ​​a significant contribution to the field of finance.

Brattle prices

The Brattle Prizes will be awarded annually at the annual meeting of the AFA for excellent research articles on the topic of corporate finance.

Smith Breeden Prizes

Every year weichnet the AFA at their annual meeting with the Smith Breeden prizes to the three best article in the Journal of Finance in each area except corporate finance.

Morgan Stanley - AFA Award for Excellence in Finance

See also Morgan Stanley American Finance Association Award for Excellence in Finance

Beginning in 2008, the AFA will award every two years the Morgan Stanley - AFA Award for Excellence in Finance for the intellectual pioneering achievements of a person in the field of finance.