American Institute of Architects

The American Institute of Architects ( AIA; German American Institute of Architects ) is an existing since 1857 Professional association of architects in the United States. The headquarters of the AIA is located since 1898 in the historic Octagon House in Washington, DC In addition to the implementation of numerous programs and activities to promote the profession, the AIA regularly awards honors and awards, including the AIA Gold Medal and the Architecture Firm Award.

Today, the association has approximately 80,000 members from over 300 countries and local areas, so-called " Components " in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Hong Kong. Membership in the AIA is divided into appropriate categories. For example, no only architects who are legally authorized to work in the United States as an architect, the name AIA - Licensed Architect lead. Otherwise, they perform as a member of the designation Fellow of the AIA ( FAIA; German: Member of the AIA). In addition, the license candidate as associate members and members of other professional groups ( civil engineers, etc.) as Allied Members. The latter may choose to request between the purely local or national membership in the AIA. Since there is no national category for students in the AIA, many of them close to the local "components" of the AIA or the organization American Institute of Architecture Students ( AIAS ).


At the beginning of the 19th century, it required the United States to any particular school or academic training to practice the profession of architect. Due to the lack of legal regulations, there were mostly carpenters, bricklayers, stonemasons and other craftsmen who worked as architects.

On February 23, 1857 met in New York City 13 architects and established under the former name of New York Society of Architects, the Institute. Richard Upjohn was elected by the other founding members of the first president of the association. 1867 was included in the statute that the association pursues the purpose to unite the architects of the continent and its services and to promote the art, science and professional craft. 1889 was the short-lived Western Association of Architects ( WAA ) from Chicago in the AIA on.

As in Washington, D.C. a far greater number were awarded to public works projects by the federal government, the Institute moved its headquarters to 1898 local Octagon House, whereby the support from funds of the United States Congress was assured. The first Managing Director of the Octagon House was Glenn Brown. The first female member of AIA was Louise Blanchard Bethune.

Recipient of the Gold Medal of the AIA

(p = posthumously; Hon FAIA = honorary member of the AIA)