American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt

  • David Bradley as Sean Davidson
  • Steve James as Curtis Jackson
  • Marjoe Gortner as Dr. Cobra

American Ninja 3 - The Bloody hunting is an American action film of 1989, with David Bradley and Steve James in the lead roles. It is the second sequel to American Fighter from 1985.


The best friend of Curtis Jackson, Sean Davidson, a kind of super fighters Ninjutsu, is kidnapped. Curtis follows him and comes behind the brutal machinations of a former general who breeds Ninjas, with whom he will storm the world coast to a similar pattern as part 2. Sean and Curtis can prevent that.


The lexicon of the International film says about the film was " only the ( Caribbean ) venue unusual ". In addition, there was only " the usual chases and battle scenes in the brisk, but endless changes, lined with pseudophilosophischem fuss. "


  • By 2012 the film in Germany was indexed. After a re-examination of the FSK he received in the uncut version, the release from 16 years.