American Philosophical Association

The American Philosophical Association (APA) is the main professional organization for philosophers in the United States. The organization founded in 1900, is divided into three geographical divisions ( " Pacific Rim", "central" and "east " ) broken down, each department organizes an annual conference. The Conference of the Eastern Division is the premier event on the American job market for philosophers and is used by universities for job interviews. In addition, the APA awards a number of prizes such as the Philosophical Association Book Prize or the Royce Lectures in the Philosophy of Mind.


President of the Eastern Division were included Paul Guyer, Edward S. Casey, Daniel Dennett, Virginia Held, John Cooper, TM Scanlon, Alexander Nehamas, Ernest Sosa, Jerry Fodor, Seyla Benhabib, Kwame Anthony Appiah, Christine Korsgaard, and Robert Nozick.

President of the Central Division were, among others, Peter van Inwagen, Ted Cohen, Eleonore Stump, Karl Ameriks, Stephen Darwall, Marcia Baron, Allan Gibbard, Alvin Plantinga, Elliott Sober, Claudia Card and Lawrence Sklar.

President of the Pacific Division have included Calvin Normore, Jeffrie Murphy, Hubert Dreyfus, Richard Wollheim, John Perry and Paul Churchland.