American Water (company)

American Water Works Company (in short: Amwater ) is an American water supply company based in Voorhees, New Jersey. American Water was founded as the American Water Works & Guarantee Company in 1886 and renamed in 1947 in American Water Works Company, Inc.

The company was acquired on 10 January 2003 by RWE and renamed American Water. In 29 U.S. states and Canada, American Water has over 18 million customers. In October 2008, American Water had over 7000 employees.

American Water was taken on April 23, 2008 Stock Exchange for listing on the New York. After that, RWE Aqua Holdings GmbH holds only 60.5 percent of American Water. On 5 June 2009 RWE reduced its share further to a minority holding of 49%. End of November 2009 was the complete exit.