Amesha Spenta

The Amschaspand ( Avestan: AMESA Spenta ) are in the religion of Zarathustra, the six immortal sage, the seven highest spirits in the realm of light, which are Ahura Mazda in the fight against Ahriman to the side. They are pure Zarathustra allegory according to the understanding of many followers and often, especially the last two, called as goods that Ahura Mazda is asked to give the pious.

In the hymns of Zarathustra, the Gathas, they appear as the essential characteristics of Ahura Mazda. During subsequent periods occurred an increasing personification of these properties so that they eventually joined as deities in appearance. In Yasna 45.4 Zarathustra appears as the "father" of AMESA Spenta.

They are reproduced in part with the following terms: virtue, truthfulness, rule or possession, good disposition, humility or wisdom, maturity, health and longevity or immortality.

The following are the six AMESA Spenta, which in the Avesta partly Ahura Mazda, Spenta Mainyu partly and partly Sraoša is superior. Each of the first statement is the one German translation Avestan, the second the New Persian and the third again.

The above six AMESA Spentas call in today's Iranian calendar six months of the year.