Amilcar was a French automobile manufacturer who produced ( with Hotchkiss et Cie united in 1937 ) from 1921 to 1939.


The small producer from Saint- Denis was known for its race-ready small cars. The founders of the company Lamy and Akar formed from the letters of their name to the company name.

With a Amilcar CO, a six-cylinder of only 1100 cm ³ 110 PS, won 24 years after its launch in 1947 Maurice Trintignant the Grand Prix of Avignon. The high-performance technology of Amilcar race car is said to have also inspired Ettore Bugatti for his early models.

Amilcars also came at the 24 - hour race at Le Mans for use. Best position for a works car was the 14th overall in 1924. Awarded the highest ranking ever achieved in 1932, the duo Martin / Bodoignet on a CV Petit aport of Ecurie d' Lor. Also, the first fatal racing accident at Le Mans occurred in a Amilcar. 1925 Maurice was killed in a fatal Mestevier CGSS Grand Sport.

The dancer and choreographer Isadora Duncan died in 1927 in an Amilcar, after her scarf caught in the wheel and had her on the journey broke his neck.

List of important Amilcarmodelle


The vehicles were built in other countries under other names with a license from Amilcar:

  • Germany 1924-1927 - Pluto
  • Austria 1922-1927 - Grofri and 1924-1925 - Austrian Amilcar automobile
  • Italy 1925-1928 - Amilcar Italiana