Ammonius of Alexandria (Christian)

Ammonius of Alexandria, was a Christian philosopher, who lived in the third century. It is not to be confused with the neo-Platonic philosopher Ammonius Sakkas, who also came from Alexandria.

Until the 19th century, wrote to Ammonius the early subdivisions of the four Gospels, which are still known as Ammonische divisions. Today, however, they are usually attributed to Eusebius of Caesarea. Eusebius ( Church History, 6.19 ), followed by Jerome, assured that Ammonius was born a Christian, remained throughout his life to Christianity and has published two works: The Harmony of Moses and Jesus and a Diatessaron ( Harmony of the Four Gospels ). There is a custom built in the 6th century by Bishop Victor of Capua extensive Latin translation of an anonymous Greek Diatessarons, which is usually attributed to Tatian, but possibly derived from Ammonius.

Eusebius uses Porphyry in his statement that Ammonius was dropped early in his life by faith and have left no writings. He has the Christian Ammonius Ammonius Sakkas probably mistaken.