Amnissos also Amnisos ( ancient Greek: Άμνισός ), was a Minoan port city on Crete. The village is located about seven kilometers east of Heraklion. It is believed that it has traded at the port of Knossos. He is mentioned several times in Greek mythology, so Theseus to have landed here and Odysseus stopped here to return to Ithaca.

Excavations were here mainly by Spyridon Marinatos in the years 1929-1938 instead. In the so-called Villa of the Lilies were found excellent Minoan wall paintings. In the vicinity are the caves of Eileithyia, where it has been a sacred place since Neolithic times. According to Homer it is to be the birthplace of Hera. Amnissos appears as a-mi -ni - so ( 𐀀 𐀖 𐀛 𐀰 ) on the tables of linear script B.