AMO is an abbreviation for:

  •, Mozilla's official add-on database for Firefox and other Mozilla products
  • Akzionernoje maschinostroitelnoje obschtschestwo, former name of the Russian company Zavod imeni Lichatschowa
  • Asociace per mezinárodní otázky, Czech non-governmental organization
  • Atlantic Multi- decadal oscillation, fluctuation of sea surface temperature in the Atlantic

Amo stands for:

  • Amo (Brunei ), subdistrict in Brunei
  • Amo (Indiana), Indiana town
  • Amo (Language), a language platoide from the group of eastern Kainji languages ​​that are spoken from the same ethnic group in the Nigerian states of Kaduna and Plateau, language code from ISO 639-3
  • AMO Culture and Congress House, a listed cultural center in Magdeburg

Number of people:

  • Anton Wilhelm Amo (c. 1703 † after 1753), Ghanaian philosopher and legal scholar
  • Celina del Amo (born 1972 ), German veterinary surgeon
  • Mariano del Amo y Mora (1809-1894), Spanish botanist
  • Miguel Ángel de Amo ( born 1985 ), Spanish volleyball and beach volleyball player
  • Pablo Amo (born 1978 ), Spanish footballer

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