Amphibious Transport Dock

Amphibious transport dock or landing platform dock (LPD ) is the name for a warship type that supports the Amphibious Warfare. They are used in amphibious Expeditionary Strike Group associations such as the United States Navy with Docklandungsschiffen as barges. The main distinction to this LSD is the larger cargo share, particularly with regard to heavy equipment like tanks. In addition to vehicle decks, these vessels have a well deck that houses landing craft and vehicles is landing, and a helicopter landing deck and a hangar for weather-protected storage of aircraft.

Today's Amphibious Transport Docks replace several generations of amphibious transport ships. In addition to pure freighters they also replace the Landing Ship, Tank. The U.S. Navy introduced in 1960 with the Raleigh -Class, the first LPD in service shortly after the Austin - class. 1965, parallel to the Austin, presented the Royal Navy with the Fearless class LPD turn into service. Shortly thereafter presented the French Navy with the Ouragan class turn such a type in service.

Modern LPD include the jointly developed Rotterdam class of Koninklijke Marine and Galicia - class of the Spanish Armada, the San Giorgio class of Marina Militare, the French Foudre Class and the British Albion class and the American San Antonio class.