Amphitrite (Greek Ἀμφιτρίτη ) or Aphrodite Pelagia is a Oceanid or Nereid in Greek mythology. It shall apply therein as mistress of the seas. She was known for her beauty.

Her parents are Oceanus and Tethys. According to other stories Amphitrite is the sister of Tethys. In some sources it is mentioned as one of the sea nymphs Nereides, and would thus daughter of Nereus and Doris. This is the illustrated version of Hesiod (Ezekiel Th 240ff. ). Actually Amphitrite wanted to remain unmarried. Poseidon, however, had his eye on them and pressed them so strong that Amphitrite fled to Atlas and hid with him in front of Poseidon. Later, Poseidon sent (or Neptune) a dolphin as a suitor to Amphitrite, who could soften the heart of Amphitrite. Amphitrite returned on the back of a dolphin for Poseidon, whereupon the gods themselves married. Triton was the first son of this compound.

The mythologist Robert Graves mentions other versions of this myth, which he classified as a senior. He interprets the myth of Amphitrite as the penetration of the male priesthood in the formerly female domain of fishing.

Several ships have been named after Amphitrite, including one of the oldest seagoing yachts in the world, the German Amphitrite. For the asteroid Amphitrite Amphitrite and for the hypothetical planet in the early solar system - - As the namesake of Amphitrite in astronomy is well in biology and philosophy have been honored to see Amphitrite.