Amphitryon (play)

Amphitruo ( Latin form of the Greek name Amphitryon ) is a tragicomedy by the Roman poet Plautus.

The piece, whose dating thing is not exactly treated the myth of the intercourse of Jupiter in the form of Amphitryon with Amphitruos Alcumena woman ( Alcmene ).

Alcmene commits this ignorant and without personal guilt of adultery, because she sleeps with Jupiter in the guise of Amphitruos while the real Amphitryon is still on a campaign. Jupiter is helped by his son Mercury, who also takes on the form of another, and as Sosia, Amphitruos servant, provides further confusion. The piece shows the traits of a comedy of errors. The conflict is solved by Jupiter machina intervention as a deus ex after Alcumena has brought the hero Hercules to the world.

The substance was later frequently adapted ( among others Rotrou, Moliere, Heinrich von Kleist, Jean Giraudoux and Peter Hacks ).

Arrangements for musical theater

  • Out of This World. Musical. Libretto: Dwight Taylor and Reginald Lawrence based on the comedy Amphitryon 38 by Jean Giraudoux and its American adaptation of Samuel Nathaniel Behrman, based on Plautus. Music and song lyrics: Cole Porter. UA December 21, 1950 at the New Century Theatre in New York
  • Amphitruo or a long night. Opera in five acts. Libretto: Walter Hoffmann by Plautus, Music: Peter freedom. UA June 18, 1977 in Bernburg