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Ams AG, is a multinational semiconductor manufacturer headquartered in Unterpremstätten in Styria, Austria. The main fields of activity are development and manufacture of analog integrated circuits and application-specific integrated circuits ( ASICs).

Ams AG develops and manufactures analog semiconductor components ( power semiconductors) for applications in sensors and sensor interfaces, power management and wireless. The company develops analog ICs ( integrated circuit ) for customers in the consumer, industrial, medical and automotive markets. In addition, ams AG operates its own semiconductor facilities at its headquarters in Austria and the Philippines.

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In the late 1970s, voestalpine AG was looking for suitable industries to expand the Company's product and service range. It was decided finally for the semiconductor industry. Through their search for a joint venture, the first connection with American Microsystems (AMI ) was founded.

Finally, in 1981 was a joint venture (joint venture), the American Microsystems Incorporated Austria GmbH (AMI -A), were involved in the AMI with 51% and 49% voestalpine founded. In the Location search they decided on the Castle Premstätten in Unterpremstätten. In consequence, the first Austrian semiconductor plant was built, as was the establishment of a sales office for ROMs and standard components in Europe started.

In 1983 the official opening of the 100 - mm - wafer semiconductor plant by Chancellor Fred Sinowatz took place, where production began with initially 300 employees.

The company moved in 1987 completely in the possession of voestalpine AG, and in September of the same year the former AMI -A was renamed (American Microsystems Incorporated Austria GmbH ) AMS ( Austria Mikro Systeme International GmbH). More sales office in California and Germany were also founded.

1991 AMS was one of the 25 fastest growing companies in Europe ( source: Expertronics, Brussels ), 1992 AMS became the " Top Fab of 1992 " selected. (Source: Semiconductor International USA)

In 1993, AMS is the first semiconductor company in Europe at the Vienna Stock Exchange.

In 1995, AMS decided to new markets and the result is also the first distributor in Asia. The company was certified according to ISO 14001:1996 and EMAS ( EU standard for environmental management).

The space mission "Deep Space 2 " NASA to Mars raised in 1998 with the help of the AMS from. Two chips were developed together with the aircraft manufacturer BOEING and were responsible for the entire energy supply of the spacecraft. The company also received the certification in accordance with the quality standards of the American and German auto industry QS 9000 and VDA 6.1.

2000, the foundation stone was laid for the new 200 - mm wafer production line. By the majority shareholder Permira AMS again left the stock market and went through a name change in austriamicrosystems AG.


The trial operation of the new production line on 200 - mm wafers began in the new millennium, at the same time was also a license agreement with TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Ltd.)., The world's largest IC contract manufacturers, met. After a successful trial run will start mass production in 2002, the new 200 - mm - wafer semiconductor factory. 2003 austriamicrosystems has been classified as the only European producer of semiconductor Silicon Strategies in the top ten list of the semiconductor contract manufacturer ( foundry ).

Came in 2004 austriamicrosystems their IPO on the SWX Swiss Exchange ( SIX today ) in Zurich.

2005 standard products as well as the capacity of the production have been extended to 200 mm wafers, in order to replace the closed production on 100 mm wafers.

2006, a new test center was built in the Philippines and in India was a new development center. In addition, the production line was expanded with 200 mm wafers on. In the same year celebrated its 25th anniversary jähirges austriamicrosystems AG.

2007 austriamicrosystems ventured through its partnership with Micromotor Manufacturer New Scale Technologies into new business areas. This year also opened the new cafeteria & Conference Center, designed by architect Reinhold Tinchon its doors.

Also austriamicrosystems felt in 2008 and 2009, the economic crisis and had to send a portion of its workforce on short time. But thanks to a rapidly -improving order situation, the company recovered within the shortest possible time and short-time work could be set to a great extent again. 2010 was generated with 209.4 million euros, a record sales.

2011- today

2011 are austriamicrosystems the acquisition of 100 % stake in the U.S. company Texas Advanced Optoelectronic Solutions, Inc. (" TAOS " ), Plano, Texas ( USA) known. The purchase price of the shares to be acquired is approximately $ 320 million (approximately EUR 220 million). TAOS is in light sensing technology automatically and provides display management solutions for manufacturers of smartphones, tablets, high-definition televisions ( HDTV) as well as laptops and notebooks

In May 2012, austriamicrosystems changes its brand name to " ams " and thus unites the brands austriamicrosystems and TAOS, the 2011 acquired provider of light sensors.

On May 13, 2013 retired after 11 years of corporate leadership John Heugle as CEO (CEO) with immediate effect. Kirk Laney, former CEO of TAOS Inc., has been appointed as the interim CEO of the company.

Company data

Board of Directors

  • Kirk S. Laney (CEO since 2013),
  • Michael -tant Malevich (Chief Financial Officer since 2003)


Financial and staff numbers in recent years.

Ownership structure

Ams AG is listed since 2004 on the SIX Swiss Exchange. Approx. 75 % are in free float, about 15 % are held by management and about 10% are owned by former TAOS shareholders.


In the Consumer & Communications, the ams AG concentrates on the mobile communication and portable and stationary consumer electronics. The main focus is on integrated circuits in the area of ​​power supplies and lighting equipment such as portable MP3 players, mobile phones, LCD TVs and camera flashes with xenon gas discharge lamps or LEDs.

In the field of industrial and medical electronics ams AG sensors and sensor interfaces that enable the measurement and processing of small signals even under environmental conditions such as extreme temperature fluctuations, humidity and vibrations produced.

In the automotive sector the ams PLC offers to the development of controllers for vehicle access, security and comfort systems, as well as sensor and sensor interface products and high-speed bus systems.

The contract manufacturing of microelectronic components (english Foundry ) is aimed at companies without their own production, as so-called fabless companies, design houses and semiconductor manufacturers ( IDMs ), who want to develop their own integrated circuits, but lack the production facilities or making the necessary technologies. The focus is on the production of analog and mixed - signal ICs, are required for the often complex special processes.

Percentage turnover of the business:

Quality and environmental management

With certifications in accordance with the latest international quality standard ISO / TS 16949 and ISO 13485 and ISO 9001, VDA 6.1 and the Q1 certification from the Ford provides ams compliance with quality requirements safely. ams was certified in environmental management according to ISO 14001 and EMAS.