The name is an abbreviation of AMSAT Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation ( in German as " Amateur Radio Satellite Association").

Structure and objectives

Worldwide, there are several AMSAT organizations. The first was founded in 1969 in the United States to promote the participation of amateur radio in space research and communication. AMSAT led continuing the efforts of the OSCAR project, in 1961 the first amateur radio satellite OSCAR 1 began.

The space projects are carried out in an international cooperation with the AMSAT organizations and universities.

Designations of the phases

AMSAT led to the distinction of the mission objectives, a the five phases. Each phase represents a new milestone in the development of amateur radio satellites represents the five phases are:

  • Phase 1 - Building a simple satellite without solar cells to test the technology and reaching the orbit.
  • Phase 2 - Construction of a satellite with solar panels and positioning in low Earth orbit.
  • Phase 3 - construction of a satellite and positioning in a highly elliptical orbit. A Phase 3 satellite is designed for multi-year use. Most of the satellite from a geostationary transfer orbit ( GTO) is raised to its final orbit with its own drive.
  • Phase 4 - Construction of a satellite in a geostationary orbit and positioning ( Geosynchronous orbit, or GEO).
  • Phase 5 - Construction of a spacecraft that is sent to the moon, Mars, or to another destination within the inner solar system.

The individual satellites belonging to one phase are provided with letters, so that as the project name, for example, Phase 3 -D ( P3D, fourth satellite in the Phase 3) or Phase -5-A ( P5A, the first spacecraft of the phase 5 ) results. Satellite of phases 1-4 are due to its orbit of the group of OSCAR satellites; belonging from the phase 5, as they leave the orbit, not one of them.

AMSAT Germany

The AMSAT- Germany eV, short AMSAT -DL, is a 1974 in Marburg an der Lahn, was established as non-profit association.

Currently (January 2010), the club has its own account about 1200 members.

The annual fee for membership of the club is 120 euros, or 90 euros minimum contribution. There are discounts for young members in education, students, disabled persons and members of low-income, at the request. The contribution is then 30 Euro per year.

The aim of AMSAT Germany is essentially the development, construction and operation of amateur radio satellites in telecommunication and aerospace research involving the amateur radio service and the publication of research results developed for the promotion of science and research.

In addition, the club is the journal AMSAT -DL Journal out, supports them in the procurement of materials for carrying out the Amateur Satellite Service, sells related books and software and leads conferences.

Satellite, was instrumental in the development and construction of AMSAT -DL

(*) The name during the planning phase was AMSAT Phase 3D

Since 1980 AMSAT Germany was involved in nine successful missions.

Current Projects

In January 2009, Phase 3 Express ( P3E ) should be placed in an earth orbit. This satellite is the prototype for the spacecraft Phase 5 -A ( P5A ), which will launch to Mars in 2018.