Amstel Brewery

Amstel is a Dutch brewery ( Amstelbrouwerij ). It was founded in Amsterdam and relocated in 1980 after Zoeterwoude. It is now owned by Heineken. The most famous brand of the brewery Amstel beer.


The brewery was founded in 1870 and named after the Amstel River, whose water was first used for cooling. 1872 was brewing the Amstel Brewery already annually 10,000 hectoliters beer. For storage of the beer ice was kept from the canals in spezialen double cellars in winter. Originally, the beer especially in Amsterdam was drunk. Beginning in 1883, but also exported to the United Kingdom and Indonesia.


The Bavarian Brewery Amstel, was founded in 1892 by the company De Pester, Kooy en Co. as a public company. 1915, the production of Amstel had increased twenty-fold and 1926 dominated Amstel one third of the Dutch beer exports. 1941 took over the Amstel, together with Heineken, the capital of the Amsterdam brewery Van Hoven's full Bierbrouwerij, which was closed in 1961.

Foreign countries

1954 Amstel built a brewery in Suriname. Some years later, Amstel was the first Dutch brewery exported beer in cans. At this time the total exports of Amstel beer amounted to 101,000 hectoliters. 1958 produced a subsidiary of Amstel their first beer in Jordan. 1960, the third daughter was opened by Amstel - the Antillean brewery on Curaçao. Two years later took Amstel under license from Almaza brewery in Lebanon on the production. In 1963 the first of two new breweries, one in Puerto Rico and one in Greece. Today Athenian Brewery Amstel ( and Heineken ) brews under license for the Greek market.


1968 Amstel was acquired by its competitor Heineken. In 1980, the Amstel Brewery in Amsterdam was closed and continued production in Zoeterwoude. The building on the Mauritskade was demolished. Only the former building of the administration was preserved and is now part of the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. The design of the front was executed by the Dutch sculptor Gerarda Rueter.


Amstel is among other sponsor of a ProTour cycling race Amstel Gold Race and the Amstel Curacao Race.