Amsterdam Amstel railway station


The Amsterdam Amstel station is a through station, the Dutch railway company NS in the southeast of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. The station is served by trains of long-distance and local transport and the Amsterdam Metro. Daily rise about 19,000 passengers here and around.


The station was opened with the commissioning of the section Amsterdam Centraal Amsterdam Weesperpoort the railway line Amsterdam - Arnhem on 15 October 1939. Occupied the site of the station until 1939, the termination stop the railway line under the name Weesperpoort, which was opened in 1843. Since the opening from the first section of the Metro in October 1977, run the line 51, 53 and 54 on the station. Since October 1977 also holds the line 12 of the Amsterdam tram at the stop walk to the train station.


The station is located about four kilometers south of the Amsterdam Central Station. It lies parallel to the eponymous river Amstel, in the district of Amsterdam Oost.


The station is a through station, which is home to four tracks at two central platforms. At the two outer rails keep the local and long distance trains, the Metro lines 51, 53 and 54 stop at the two tracks in the middle of the station.

Distance connections

53: Centraal Station - station Amstel ( Amstel A'dam ) - Van der Madeweg - Gaasperplas

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