Amsterdam Muiderpoort railway station

  • Railway line Amsterdam - Zutphen
  • Railway line from Amsterdam to Arnhem


The Amsterdam Muiderpoort station is a key station of the Dutch railway company NS in the east of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. He is only a stopping point for regional trains. He is on the railway routes from Amsterdam to Arnhem and Amsterdam to Amersfoort.


The first station under the name, was built on 18 May 1896 street level. On 15 October 1939, the current station was opened in high position. The station was renovated in the late nineties and was given to two pedestrian tunnel to reach the tracks. Muiderpoort and the nearby Amstel Station, the first trains were built in Amsterdam.


The station, near the Alexander Pleins, is located about 2 km east of the Amsterdam Central Station.


The station is a key railway station, where the trains of the railway line from Amsterdam to Arnhem the western part, the trains of the railway line Amsterdam - Amersfoort use the eastern part. Access is by a pedestrian tunnel that leads from the under the tracks concourse to the platforms.

Distance connections

About the Station also operate some intercity trains, but there do not keep all of them. The lines 3 and 7 of the Amsterdam tram run at the station.