Amsterdam Zuid railway station

  • Railway Weesp - Leiden


Station Amsterdam Zuid (Amsterdam South Station ) is a through station, the Dutch railway company NS in the south of the Dutch capital Amsterdam. The station is served by trains of long-distance, regional and local transport.


The station was opened with the commissioning of the section Amsterdam -Schiphol -Zuid train route Weesp - Leiden on 20 December 1978. In July 1985, the station was given the name Amsterdam Zuid WTC, because of the nearby newly built World Trade Center ( WTC short ) in the city of Amsterdam Zuid. On 10 December 2006, the station was given its old name back. Since December 1990, at line 50 and 51 of the Amsterdam metro to station. In addition, in May 2008 holds the line 5 of the Amsterdam tram below the railway station.

Future planning

Plans envisage to expand the station in the next few years one of the main railway stations in the Netherlands.

The currently under construction Metro line 52 ( North-South line) to around 2015 have its terminus at the station. In addition, trains on the new high speed line HSL Zuid ( high-speed line Antwerp - Schiphol ) to operate, keep at the station. It is also planned for the future to extend the ICE International over the station to the station Schiphol.


The station is located about 5 km south of the Amsterdam Central Station. It lies between the two carriageways of the Amsterdam ring road in Amsterdam-Centrum district.


The station is a through station, which houses seven tracks on four platforms. On the tracks 1-4 hold the local and long-distance trains, the metro lines 50 and 51 stop at the northern three platforms of the station.

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