Amsterdam Zuidoost

Zuidoost (southeast ) is a district of the Dutch city of Amsterdam in the province North Holland. It is 22.08 km ² and had in January 2010 about 80,000 inhabitants. The district is located in the southeast of Amsterdam, an exclave but not limited to the rest of the municipality of Amsterdam. In Zuidoost place once a year the Kwakoe Zomerfestival instead, the largest multicultural event of its kind in Amsterdam.


Core of Zuidoost is the Bijlmermeer district. Its name goes back to a lake (Dutch: sea ), which lay at the village Bijlmer and was drained in the seventeenth century. The poor conditions of eingepolderten lake for construction ( high water level, soft soil, flood susceptibility ) meant that its surface was built in the sixties little.

Since Amsterdam came after the war limits of its growth has been the community Weesperkerspel, lay in the Bijlmer and the Bijlmermeer, 1966 incorporated to take advantage of the free surface of the former lake as urban development area. The area of ​​the former town then became the district Zuidoost. Since this an exclave formed was planned, the intervening community Ouder - Amstel later einzugemeinden, but this was eventually rejected due to the resistance of the citizens of Ouder - Amstel, which Zuidoost remained an exclave.

Even before completion of the incorporation of 1963, the measures for soil preparation for construction had begun. The development area should follow Le Corbusier's paradigm of the functional city, according to the study plan Voisin. This saw among other things, the spatial separation of the functions of city living, working, recreation and transport (cf. living machine). 12000 of 18000 planned residential units should result in a honeycomb-shaped high-rise complex. The first apartment was purchased in 1968 and the last completed within the project in 1975.

Conceptual weaknesses, planning errors and the delay in delivery of critical infrastructure allowed the construction area from the start do not work and put a downward spiral, which soon earned the area the reputation of the worst residential area of ​​the whole of the Netherlands. Attempts to reverse the trend, achieved only isolated successes.

Residential area


In the Zuidoost Amsterdam Arena is located.

Recreation areas

  • Bijlmerpark
  • Bijlmerweide
  • Broekzijdse polder
  • Gaasperpark
  • Gaasperzoom
  • Gaasperplas
  • De Hoge Dijk
  • Ouderkerkerplas