Amstrad NC100

The Amstrad Notepad computer is from 1992, by the company Amstrad in three models ( NC100, NC150, NC200 ) produced computer. As the main product feature ease of use has been identified by the manufacturer. In order to highlight the ease of use, the Amstrad President Alan Sugar turned in the manual in a foreword to the users. In it, he wrote, he could even become the manager of computer manufacturer has not deal with computers. Its developers have therefore been awarded the contract to develop a device with which even he could handle.

The application programs (especially Word processing with spell checker, calculator and organizer ) are permanently installed in the ROM, and both by the standards of 1992 and by today's (2006) scales really easy to use. This also helps to ensure that no loading times for the operating system are necessary. The computer is ready for operation immediately after power on. The computer can be turned off in the middle of operation, all data is retained in battery-backed RAM.

For higher demands on the performance of the NC - series can also be programmed with a full BBC BASIC or assembler. For remote data transmission is a terminal emulation available.

Specifications: Z80 processor, 64KB RAM ( NC150, NC200: 128KB ), parallel and serial interface, slot for memory cards (PCMCIA, battery-buffered SRAM cards), display with 480 × 64 ( NC200: 480 × 128) pixels, battery operation with AA cells possible (running time about 40 hours).