The British computer company Amstrad was founded in 1968 by Alan Sugar and started as a trading company for all kinds of electrical goods. The name stands for Amstrad Alan Michael Sugar Trading. About the first product sold is of a quote about Sugar provides: "Awful". Became famous for the secretary of Mr. Amstrad; Mrs. Joyce gave the name of a widely used writing computer system, the PCW.

In Germany and in other countries, the company of Alan Sugar was known especially for the home computer series CPC ( Color Personal Computer), which was distributed in Germany by Schneider Computer Division in Untertürkheim. Schneider later produced the Schneider Euro PC regardless of Amstrad.

Amstrad bought the company in 1986 by Sinclair Research operational difficulties and led the Spectrum home computer series ( ZX80, ZX81, Spectrum 16/48k, Spectrum128, Spectrum , QL), continue with the types Spectrum 2 and 3. With the advent of the IBM PC and some own computers in this field you withdrew from the new market gegründetem largely on modular systems. Amstrads strength based here, not least on good and cheap complete systems.

Other products of the company come from the brown area: Hi- Fi, entertainment electronics, household electrics. Sophisticated e -mail -enabled videophones are sold here with TV - satellite technology. The German division of Amstrad was taken over by the Metabox AG 1999.

On 31 July 2007, the British pay- TV operator BSkyB Amstrad took over completely.

Computer models of Amstrad (selection)

  • The CPC home computer series Classic: CPC464, CPC472, CPC664, CPC6128
  • The short-lived CPC 464 / 6128 / GX4000 game consoles
  • Spectrum 2 ( spectrum 2, 2 , 2 and A 2 B 2.2)
  • Spectrum 3