Amunherchepeschef ( Amun is with his strong arm) was the firstborn son of the ancient Egyptian King Ramses II and his wife Nefertari. He changed his name at least twice, which caused some confusion in the research.

Amunherchepeschef is probably born before the throne of the ruler, like a battle relief of the ruler in the temple of Beit el- Wali implies. There, the prince appears. The representation dated all the way to the beginning of the reign of the ruler. Amunherchepeschef is there expressly designated as the oldest king's son. The Prince will appear here once by the name Amunherwenemef ( Amun is at his right hand ). Further illustrations call him Amunherchepeschef. Later, however, he seems to have once again changed its name and is used as Schutahapaschap ( which certainly corresponds Sethherchepeschef ) referred to in cuneiform letters, which were found in the Hethiterhaupstadt Hattuša. The letters dated around the 20th year of the reign of Ramses II Then the prince no longer appears in the sources and probably died.

Amunherchepeschef wore several high military titles.