? Listen to an amuse - gueule (also amuse -gueule ) / i ( " Saveurs", pronounced French: [ amyz Goel ] ), especially in German-speaking countries also amuse-bouche ( " mouth joy " ) called, is an appetizing, small and thus bite Out of appetizers, which is usually served and free from the cold appetizer as part of a menu.

Designation diversity

Both names were borrowed from French into German and many other languages. Amuse- gueule is the traditional and, in French, to this day the most commonly used designation. The younger and less frequent in French amuse- bouche expression now outweighs the Germans. It was the perceived as vulgar gueule " mouth " is replaced by the more genteel bouche ' mouth '.

Outside the French -speaking world and outside Switzerland, we also found as a third form of the Pseudogallizismus Amuse- Bouchée in which commingling with French bouchée ( " mouthful, bite " ) is present.

From the amuse- gueule German chefs is understood as a greeting from the kitchen or designated as such.

A newer version of the amuse- gueule is the mise en bouche (German as " in - your-mouth - laying "), a nice dished tasting, on a specially designed spoon, the cuillère de Tasting (Eng. about tasting spoon, spoon is passed to the costs).