An American Prayer


  • Jim Morrison: vocals
  • Ray Manzarek: Keyboards
  • Robbie Krieger: guitar
  • John Densmore: Drums

An American Prayer is a music album by the American rock band The Doors. It was created in 1978 and thus, as the surviving former band members came together five years after the dissolution of the band for the recording of the album. About the music recordings in 1971, the late singer Jim Morrison were laid, recites from his also titled An American Prayer poem with ribbon. This Morrison had published in 1970, self-published (500 copies).

Guest musicians are heard (bass both) Reinold Andino ( percussion), Bob and Jerry Scheff believers. As producers, in addition to the three Doors musicians John Haeny and Frank Lisciandro occurred.

In its year of publication, the album reached number 54 of the U.S. pop albums chart.

Included titles

Original pressing

  • "The End"
  • " Albinoni: Adagio"

New edition 1995