An Innocent Man


An Innocent Man is the ninth studio album by American musician Billy Joel.


The album is a tribute to the music of Joel's childhood. The artist himself describes the work as "singer 's album ", the titles make tributes to famous musicians and musical styles of the 1950s dar. The focus is on the Doo Wop, a style of music that is based on a layered vocals arrangement and in the titles " The Longest Time "," This Night "and" Careless Talk " is employed.


" An Innocent Man" was the best placed upon its release in August 1984 Joel's album on the charts since " Glass Houses ", the United Kingdom, the plate example, has verified immediately the second. Place in the album charts. A total of three of the published single releases reached a top 10 spot in the U.S. Billboard charts, including the number-one hit, " Tell Her About It ", next to " Uptown Girl" ( # 3) and "An Innocent Man " (# 10) were also " The Longest Time "," Leave a Tender Moment alone ", " Keeping the Faith "and" This Night " released as a single.

Title list

1 Easy Money - 4:04

2 An Innocent Man - 5:17

3 The Longest Time - 3:42

4 This Night - 4:19

5 Tell Her About It - 3:52

6 Uptown Girl - 3:17

7 Careless Talk - 3:48 8 Christie Lee - 3:31

9 Leave a Tender Moment Alone - 3:56 10 Keeping the Faith - 4:41

Both the music and the lyrics of all the tracks, with the exception of the Beethoven Sonata in " This Night " were written by Billy Joel.

Chart positions