An Post

An Post ( Irish for " post"; Irish pronunciation [ ən ˠ p ˠ ɔs ˠ ˠ t ] ) is the national postal company in the Republic of Ireland and a member of the Universal Postal Union. 2006, the profit of the company about 76 million euros.

An Post was not until 1984, by which time the Department of Posts & Telegraphs was responsible for both postal and telephone. 1984, informed this Department in the mail and Telecom Eireann (now Eircom ) on. The Irish government announced the introduction of postcodes January 1, 2008, while An Post protested because such a system would not be necessary. When and if postal codes are now being introduced, is unclear.

An Post is one of the largest employers in the country, but losses are regularly in certain regions retracted.

Mail box of the An Post