Ana Ortiz

Ana Ortiz ( born January 25, 1971 in New York City ) is an American actress.

Life and achievements

Ortiz, daughter of a local politician, joined a study at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. She has appeared in some plays and got her first film role alongside James Russo in the action thriller Condition Red from 1995. 's TV comedy Santa Claus Reluctant (2002) she played alongside Kelsey Grammer and Charles Durning one of the major roles.

2006-2010 Ortiz appeared in the television series Ugly Betty in a larger role, for which she was nominated as an ensemble member of the Screen Actors Guild Award in the years 2007 and 2008. In 2007, she received the Imagen Award and the ALMA Award. She spoke first auditioned for the role of Betty Suarez, but went to America Ferrera. It also occurs in the New York theater The Labrinth.

Ortiz married in 2007, the musician Noah Lebenzon. The wedding took place in Puerto Rico. The couple has a daughter.

Filmography (selection)