Ana Srebrnič

Ana Srebrnič (born 20 February 1984 in Ljubljana) is a Slovenian chess player.


Ana Srebrnič is married to Serbian chess grandmaster Robert Markuš.


In Slovenia individual championships of the girls and women she attended the following courses:

In 2003 she won the first MCA U20 tournament in Libyan el- Agelat 9 of 9

With a single total score of 24.5 points out of 49 games for the Slovenian national women's team took since 2001, seven European team championships ( 17, = 15, -17 ). Since 2002 she plays for Slovenia also at Chess Olympiads. Here she has a score of 28 out of 53 achieved in its five Olympiads ( 20, = 16, -17 ). At their first Mitropa Cup participation, she won this in 2009 Rogaska Slatina as a member of the Slovenian national women's team, while still also received an individual gold medal for her score of 5 out of 7 on the second board.

In 1999, she received the title of FIDE Women's Champion (WFM ), in July 2004 the title of International Master of women ( WIM) and in April 2006 the title of Grand Master of the women ( WGM ).

In Slovenia, it plays the ŠK Nova Gorica. As a 14 -year-old, she received the 1999 European Club Cup in Nova Gorica, for the ŠK playing an individual gold medal for her score of 4.5 out of 7 on the first reserve board. During this second Club Cup in Halle ( Saale) she was successful with a bronze medal for their results of 5 of 7 on the fourth board. In the Croatian first women's league plays for the Šk Šahovska Škola Delnice.

One of its strengths is the Blitz, so she has as Lady Malshun on the ChessBase server as the best woman in an Elo rating of 3000 Your current FIDE Elo rating is 2229 (as of March 2011)., So that it lies on the Slovenian women ranking in sixth place. Their highest ever Elo rating was 2318 in July 2006.