Ana stands for:

  • Ana ( also Anah ), male first name Hebrew ( 1 Mo 36, 2), see list of Biblical people
  • Anah (also Ana ), a city in Iraq
  • Ana ( island ), one of Indonesia's Kei Islands
  • Ana, another name for Ife, a nation in West Africa
  • Ana, also Anu or Anann, figure of Celtic legend and pre-Christian Irish goddess
  • Anorexia nervosa, pathological anorexia
  • A variant of the female given name Anna, for example, in Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian and Serbian, see Ana ( first name )
  • A name for the city Anie in Togo
  • Short for ana partes aequales ( in equal parts '), in pharmaceuticals, see List of Latin phrases / A # ana partes aequales

The abbreviation ANA stands for:

  • Academia Nacional de Arquitectura, Mexican Society of Architects
  • Afghan National Army; engl. Name for the Afghan National Army
  • Academic network Aschaffenburg
  • Activities - network analysis
  • All Nippon Airways, Japanese airline
  • American Numismatic Association, American Numismatikervereinigung
  • American Nurses Association
  • ANA Aero Porto de Portugal, airport operators in Portugal
  • Antinuclear antibody, a medical laboratory value
  • Association of National Advertisers, Association of Advertising Professionals, USA

ANA as distinguishing signs on license plate:

Ana ( ανά ) is:

  • A Greek preposition and prefix meaning " ever ", " up ", " go on ... ". See: Ancient Greek prepositions, list of prepositions in Modern Greek, list of Greek prefixes.
  • An extension direction in the Cartesian coordinate system

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