Anabar River

Catchment area of Anabar ( headwaters: Large Kuonamka ) and Anabarbucht ( above) with rivers Small Kuonamka, Udja and Uele, Republic of Sakha (right), Krasnoyarsk (left); Moreover, Laptev Sea in the Arctic Ocean ( top right) and village Saskylach (center)

The Anabar (Russian Анабар ) is an approximately 380 km long river or along with his also Large Kuonamka ( Большая Куонамка; Bolschaja Kuonamka ) or Large Kuonapka ( Большая Куонапка; Bolschaja Kuonapka ) -called upper reaches 939 km long stream in the northwest of the Republic of Sakha and in the north of Siberia and Russia ( Asia), while tributary of the Laptev Sea, part of the Arctic Ocean. Its headwaters (Grand Kuonamka or Kuonapka ) is often referred to as a left Anabar source river.


The Anabar arises as a Grand Kuonamka approximately 325 km north of the Arctic Circle in the southern part of the Anabarplateaus, the northern part of the Central Siberian Uplands. Its source is at about 700 m height, close east of the border of the Krasnoyarsk region east of the main ridge of an undertaking in this neighboring region and in the mountain " Wysoki " ( ⊙ 69.528888888889105.7675 ) to 829 m high plateau region.

First, the Anabar (Grand Kuonamka ) mainly flows eastward in the southern and eastern parts of the Anabarplateaus through sparsely populated landscapes, but it happens, for example, the very widely separated settlements Soika Sergeja and - after a northbound section of the river - Staraya. Then he turns to the east and reaches about 480 km north of the Arctic Circle after around 559 kilometers of river, which is the total length of the Great Kuonamka, (often referred to as a right- source river ) the location at about 16 m height confluence of flowing from the south little Kuonamka which is 457 km long.

From this confluence the only Anabar said power means the Siberian Plateau runs, gradually leaving in its middle reaches in the north continues through almost uninhabited landscapes, but he affected the village lying on its east bank Saskylach; as there reaches of the river, the North Siberian Lowland, that it flows in its lower reaches. Much further north, he also touches something located above the left side Charabyl - mouth and also on the east bank Anabar village Jurjung - Haya, where the future of the endpoint of property under construction Anabar highway will be.

Approximately 56 river miles below Jurjung - Haya opens the Anabar - after open out of flowing from the west Suolema - to 0 m in the southern part of his Anabarbucht mentioned estuary ( estuary ), to enable its flowing through the Anabargolf, a golf belonging to the Arctic Ocean Laptev Sea to flow. The Anabar estuary lies between those of the currents Chatanga ( Chatangagolf ) in the west and Olenjok ( Olenjokgolf ) in the east.

Catchment and tributaries

The catchment area of ​​Anabar, which lies almost exclusively in the Republic of Sakha, but as part of its western tributary has Suolema share in the northeast part of the Krasnoyarsk Region is approximately 100,000 km ². Within this area there are deposits of diamonds.

Among the tributaries of the Anabar include downriver considered (up to the influence of the Little Kuonamka are both tributaries of the Great Kuonamka ): Delinde, Chochoi, Djuken, Aryy mast Aach, Nebaibyt, Small Kuonamka, Ebeljach, Majat, Udja, Doruocha, Konnies, Charabyl, Suolema and Uele, the two last-mentioned rivers flow into the Anabarbucht.

Climate, Hydrology and Hydrography

The Anabar flows through landscapes from frost rubble deserts and tundra with mosses and lichens. The winters are long and extremely cold, the summers are short and cold. The river is covered as of the end of September to early June of ice. When thaw in the summer of permafrost and melting ice and snow, often creates strong flood that drives the flow through the Anabarbucht into the Gulf. The mean annual runoff ( MQ ) is 498 m³ / s


Originally populated Evenki The catchment area of ​​Anabar, and Vasily Sychev was in 1643 the first Russian who came to the river.

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