Anabela Braz Pires ( born September 22, 1976 in Almada ) is a Portuguese singer and musical actress.

Anabela, which is already successfully occurred in several vocal competitions and has published two albums, was at the festival since 1993 Canção out victorious. Therefore, she was allowed to represent Portugal in Millstreet at the Euro Vision Song Contest 1993. With the pop ballad A cidade ( até ser dia) it reached # 10 As of 1996, she was active as a musical performer and was in Portuguese productions of Jesus Christ Superstar, West Side Story and The Sound of Music to see.

Discography ( albums)

  • Anabela (CD, ovação, 1991)
  • Encanto (CD, ovação, 1992)
  • A cidade, até ser dia (CD, Discossete, 1993)
  • Primeiras Águas (CD, Movie Channel, 1996)
  • Origens (CD, Movie Channel, 1999)
  • Encontro (CD, Zona Música 2006) ( with Carlos Guilherme )
  • Nós (CD, iPlay, 2010)