Anacampseros rufescens

The Anacampserotaceae are described only in 2010 a family from the order of clove -like. It contains about 40 succulent species in three genera and is native to Africa, Australia and America. It is closely related to the cactus.


The species of the family are smaller shrubs or perennial herbaceous plants with thick stems that are up to schleimhaltig Grahamia. Occasionally the stem at the base or the roots is thickened into tubers. The spirally arranged, succulent leaves are cylindrical to round, rarely flattened, achselbürtig there are hairs, bristles or scales membranous leaflets.

The lateral or terminal inflorescence is a wenigblütige Thyrse, occasionally with compressed internodes, occasionally with Schraubel. The most attractive, small to medium sized flowers are hermaphroditic. The two sepal -like leaves are fleshy, durable and drying up the fruit time, there are five kronblattartige leaves present. There are 5 to 25 stamens, consisting of three fused carpels existing ovary is upper constant. From the perianth forms a hood, at Grahamia and Talinopsis the stamens are permanent, at Anacampseros types they fall off as a unit.

The fruits are capsules whose exocarp is outdated and should be - except for Grahamia - separated from the endocarp. The flaps of the endocarp form a small basket. The usually mild triangular, large seeds are pale colored to white. The skin has two layers, the outer layer of the inner almost completely replaced. Strophiola or elaiosomes missing.


The family is widespread, their distribution ranges from South and East Africa, Australia ( Anacampseros ) up to America ( Grahamia and Talinopsis in Argentina, Bolivia, Mexico and the United States).


Outer systematics

The family was first described in 2010 by Urs Eggli and Reto Nyffeler on the basis of molecular genetic as well as morphological characteristics, the type genus is Anacampseros. When her sister taxon apply the cactus family ( Cactaceae ):







Their extent corresponds to the former tribe Anacampseroteae Nyananyo ex GDRowley in the family Portulacaceae sl

Inside systematics

The family includes about 40 species in three genera, two of which are monotypic. The genera are:

  • Anacampseros L.
  • Grahamia Gill. ex Hook. (monotypic )
  • Talinopsis A.Gray (monotypic )